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You are not alone

This is for people to hopefully be able to receive help directly and immediately through peer-to-peer giving. We are also asking influencers to help raise awareness for the people listed here.

Do you need help?

List Your Name and Your Concerns On This Website

We created this to be able to send help possibly faster than having to go through organizations, as all the help will go directly from giver to receiver. All submissions will be reviewed through communal efforts. If we all work together, we can make this happen. 

If you have been severely impacted by the crisis and need immediate support, you can accept donations directly to your personal account. You get 100% of all donations. In addition to this, we will also do our best to guide you to the nearest organizations who can help.

Apply For Help

For Musicians Who Need Help

Around the world there are thousands of musicians and music industry workers who’ve lost their income the next months and are wondering how they will make it through this crisis. If you are one of them, please apply for help here too.

Apply For Help | Find Organizations Who Can Help

Are you able to help?

Find Someone You Can Help

All applications for help are reviewed and posted within 24 hours. We are also relying on peer reviews to help make sure each application claim is credible. 

If you are in a position to help, please look into the applications and help who you can. If you know personally someone here who applied for help, it would do good if you can drop a rating and review / message in his/her application to help boost their credibility. 

Find  Someone To Help

Participate in Virtual Concerts Online

 If you can do a live stream concert from home, there are people out there who would be grateful to hear encouraging songs and messages at this time. You can use virtual concerts to raise funds using either a digital “tip jar” or a direct link to the person or organization your are raising funds for.

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