Tyler Jones

Full Name : Tyler Jones
Main Music Genre : Metal

Country : United States
City : Crystal Lake



After 3 months of slow freelancing work, at the beginning of March I was 1 week into a 5 week US tour mixing FOH for Chelsea Grin that was canceled when the government made mandates related to Covid-19 about no large gatherings. I also lost a SE Asia tour and European Summer Festivals this fall. The earliest dates are rescheduled for June 19th. Since I’m stuck at home social distancing and with no car, since I’m on the road a lot, and no job at home, I just need help with every day necessities, and to help toward rent until I can find work in my field again. Anything would help immensely and be largely appreciated! Thank you!



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By Online : Digital Tip Jar
By Mobile Phone : 8478569397
By Bank :

Account Name : Checking
Account Number : 842833162/ Routing: 071000013
Bank Name : Chase

By Mailing Address :

233 Uteg St
Apt 5
Crystal Lake, Il




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