Shelly Hartman

Full Name : Shelly Hartman
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Country : United States
City : Los Angeles



Dear MusicUnited-

I’m a long time music industry worker who recently lost my job due to the financial effects of Covid-19 on the touring industry.

Although I’ve been laid off several times during the 20+ years in the industry, I’ve never been caught so unaware that I’ve had to ask for help. I have carefully cultivated a dog boarding business so that I would have something to fall back on if times in the music industry got tough or it took a long time for me to find a job after getting laid off; but now that business which was my only other source of income is dead.

My unemployment is so messed up; I can’t even get in touch with anyone at EDD-I’ve sent numerous emails and I have no money to pay my car insurance or monthly payment, nor afford my medications and my medical premium and I am a lupus patient.  I did get food stamps, so at least I have food now.

I am looking for a month’s worth of medication and medical premiums, and doctor’s co-pays for me, which is $750 as I haven’t met my deductible on my new Covered California plan.

Thank you for your consideration-

Shelly Hartman




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