Salli Squitieri

Full Name : Salli Squitieri
Main Music Genre :

Country : United States
City : Bronx



I am a senior at high risk of coronavirus having had repeat pneumonia and with a compromised immune system.

I have worked with the music and art industries and often in charitable ways. I have been promoting, booking and managing performers and artists since my youth and orchestrated countless special events and festivals.

At the Butterfield Roadhouse I orchestrated approximately 300 events in one year including a small monthly music and art street fair. Further, I was the co-founder of the Paul Butterfield Fund and Society (PBFS) and handled the Butterfield estate and Royalty recovery for 20 years. Through PBFS I developed care packages for struggling artists & touring bands.

I’ve been involved w/all genres of music but particularly the Blues & Caribbean Music. I worked in many capacities w/ Horse Trade Theater Group/’Frigid NY’, ‘Kevin Lyttle’/‘Tarakon Records’. Two years ago I founded the Caribbean Nights Series NYC, as a means to create a new forum enabling Caribbean voices and music to be heard.

Another exciting project is that I have founded and am responsible for partnering with One Condoms on an international Safe Sex Campaign tour which now has 14 ambassadors. Through this effort I have just shipped off via artists “One Condoms” and branded condom tins to Haiti, St Vincent and Liberia.

I was an artist’s representative at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) and also recruited to work on procuring instruments for the development of Children’s music programs in St Vincent and the Grenadines for the Association of Music Professionals (AMP) I’ve been a maker of arts and crafts for 35 years.

I was also sought out for a special project by Victor Forbes– editor in chief for ‘Fine Art Magazine’ for the development and writer for the special edition representing the Florida Keys Arts

More information on me can be found on my developing website including bio, photos, projects, resumes etc.:

Although it sounds wonderful and was the financial aspect was scant.

Additionally, I am still recovering from loss of everything from back to back hurricanes and floods while living in Florida.

Now all arts related income has come to a halt as a result of the current situation.

And as I could not rely solely on the arts I had to take on independent/ gig type work and even those have come to a halt.

Add age factor and work has it challenges.

I have applied for benefits but the overloaded and outdated systems and offices no longer with phones makes it impossible.

Senior centers and food pantries are closed.

I have as a result of recovery, health and preparation costs have no padding and I am in dire need of assistance.

My immediate needs are rent, phone, car insurance, car registration renewal due, food and basic personal needs.

Most independent organization support the funding has already been depleted.

I truly need help

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration.

Stay safe







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