Brandon Lott

Full Name : Brandon Lott
Main Music Genre : R&B

Country : United States
City : Indianapolis



My name is Brandon Lott and I am from Indianapolis, IN. For six years, I’ve been a full-time working musician performing in cities all across the Midwest. My guitarist, Collin, and I have worked endlessly to establish a name for ourselves within the music community, so it is with great sadness we have had to stop performing rather abruptly. Shortly before this pandemic hit us, we invested our earnings from the last 3 shows into printing merchandise and upgrading multiple pieces of gear.
Considering my girlfriend lost her job also, it has put us in an extremely tight position, as there is currently no additional source of income.
I have filed for unemployment and I am waiting patiently for the CARE Act to take effect, but we are running low on necessary supplies. Your assistance would be a serious blessing. Thank you.



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