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Bob waters

Full Name : Bob waters
Main Music Genre : Rock

Country : United States
City : Los Angeles



A message from Bob Waters


Funding Relief Request:

[email protected].

Please send check to

My landlord:

sarah kennedy

1109 exposition blvd

Los Angeles ca 90007

I am a musician artist,

staying with family now in Los Angeles

I immediately need financial assistance check I am a musician on tour

Or paypal account deposit:

Bob Waters


[email protected]

Paypal, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

22115673820888533 Account #

121000248 Routing #

Thank You



Sent From Bob’s iPhone!
(213) 808-2767
Malibu’s Bob Waters, Growls his ’88 Mustang! music channel:
“hobo, you can’t ride this train!”

New art:

New concert dates:




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By Online : Digital Tip Jar
By Bank :

Account Name : Bob Waters
Account Number : 22115673820888533 (121000248 Routing #)
Bank Name : Wells Fargo

By Mailing Address :

1109 exposition blvd Los Angeles ca 90007

Venmo : bobwaters1985




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