Amanda Lee Borden Talcott

Full Name : Amanda Lee Borden Talcott
Main Music Genre : Pop Rock

Country : United States
City : Florence



Together with my wife Kristen, and with the help of our friends we created the band Thrice Sovereign. In the past year we have created over 30 songs and I have written over 400. We started moving forward in our musical journey, what felt like moments before Covid19 impacted the world. We put our full time jobs on hold to work on music full time and are now to a detriment point, financially and medically. We have so many reasons we want to get our music out there, which I am more than happy to y’all your ear off about. But I also know your time with my message is limited. So I’ll get to it, we need help getting into the music industry. I know, extremely broad, essentially we need funding to have time to make the effort to get out there. That would cover ability to get exposure, cost to produce proper EP’s, travel costs for live performances, (when possible again) and management necessity. Thank you for your time.



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